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Oct. 21st, 2007

I'm falllllling wayyyyy too quickly.

I don't know why it happens like this, i fall for a guy i know i could never have and i hate it cause then i get the "I like you as a friend speech." But God, i really like Taylor. For once i wish life would roll the dice in my favor. Just once? The job i want, the guy i want... Just once? I swear I'll never ask for anything else.

Jul. 21st, 2007

Lost In This Moment With You

Tears. Tears fell from those beautiful eyes, I leaned in and kissed them away, watching her lips curl into a smile. She rested her head on my shoulder, squeezing my hand, "I love you Temperance." I whispered in her ear, and i felt her lips press a kiss on my shoulder.

It had only just began. A life one could only dream about. I watched her not but an hour ago, dressed in white, a veil hiding her pretty face, walking down the hall to the alter, i had no feeling from my shoulders down. I felt sick, as a matter of fact i felt like i wanted to turn and throw up. She needed someone who would always protect her, someone who would tell her how beautiful she was when she looked her worst, someone who would treat her like the queens precious heirloom. She wasn't just a woman who held her daddy's hand as he let his angel go, she was a treasure to be preserved, held high above all others. I made it my vow they day i met her to never let her down. I counted my blessings, each step she took closer to me as one more blessing, a gift from God, and though she didn't believe in the man upstairs, i knew he loved her and gave her her own blessings, even if i wasn't one of them.

She stopped just before me, i could barely see through the white tulle but i could make out soft baby blues and a smile that was only Temperance Brennan. When her father released her i felt like she was a bird, flying for the first time from her nest and i had to protect her from this moment. I had to hold her keep her from crashing and saving her from the dangers that lay ahead.

I loved her. I knew that before we even started dating. The song filled the reception hall, and all the eyes were on me and my new wife, i couldn't resist a kiss and when i caught her lips off gaurd, i felt her smile against me. Her arms wrapping around my neck, i felt like i was dancing on a cloud and nobody was there but her and I. I was lost in the moment with her in my arms and me in hers. Her soft curls fell over her shoulder tickling my arms, i drew in close as the song came to an end, the worst ending of my life, as i slowly pulled away i looked at my wife, she was beautiful, exquisite, and i knew it wouldn't change when we wake up next to each other in the morning.

I kissed her once more as we pulled away, It was everything that i had waited my life for and more. The crowd cheered for us and i ignored it focusing only on the softness of her lips and the small of her back.

"I love you Temperance." I whispered in her ear when we did pull away.

"I love you too Seeley." And her head found my shoulder again as another song played over the speakers. It was by far the best day of my life, almost as wonderful as the birth of my son.

Jul. 29th, 2006

how well do you know Greg Raposo?

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Jul. 28th, 2006

you KNOW me!

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Apr. 22nd, 2006

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Happy 21st to Matt Ballinger, and Happy 20th to Erika (did i spell that right?) Lets have a kick ass day!!!

Apr. 1st, 2005

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